Cave and Bherwerre Beach Walks

These beaches offer dramatic scenery, long open stretches, occasional great surf and heaps of bird and animal life. They are not truly in Jervis Bay as they are south facing ocean beaches, however access is via Booderee National Park. In both cases take the signposted first right after the entrance station (fees payable) and pass the Botanic Gardens, continue until you come to the loop car park.

Cave Beach is a bit of a treasure, a long south facing beach means that it is normally protected from the summer nor-easter and thus offers offshore conditions more often than not. From the car park head down the service trail for 250m where you pass the camping area with showers, toilets and BBQ’s. If you don’t mind the walk in with your supplies then this is a great spot to camp for a few days in a fairly rustic setting. Easy access to the beach and also to Bherwerre around the headland. Kangaroos are common and Ryans Swamp offers a great array of birdlife when conditions are right. To reach Cave pass the camping ground on your right and follow the steps down to the southern end of the beach. Swim, surf, run, fish, chill out   – take your pick!

Bhewerre Beach is a spectacular south facing beach separated from Cave Beach by the prominent headland. To reach Bhewerre Beach head to the camping ground and venture to the right (west) at the end of the campsites, the track follows the hillside before drifting down to a sandy fire trail. About 600 m from the campsite the northern end of Bhewerre appears – a small shallow protected area surrounded by the rocky point makes a great base for a days walking, swimming and surfing. Bhewerre itself is around 6km long and offers long lonely stretches beautifully calm or wild and windswept depending on the season.  There are panoramic views to the hinterland including Pigeon House and the Budawangs. Midway along the beach and buried in the sand ofthe surf zone lies the remains of The Hive – a convict transport ship wrecked in 1835. The 200 convicts and the bounty of gold on the vessel were got ashore and eventually returned to Sydney. This beach offer lots of flotsam and jetsam and makes for a beachcomber’s delight.


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