Thredbo Walk – Dead Horse Gap to Cascade Hut

While staying in Thredbo for a couple of days in January 06 we decided to walk to Cascade Hut out from Dead Horse Gap on the Alpine Way.

An early start saw us at Dead Horse by 8.30 and with no other cars in sight we started the walk along the Thredbo River along the Big Boggy. Big Boggy is a frost valley and so has a climate that precludes eucalypts from growing down to the stream. In the past it was favoured by high country cattlemen and sheep farmers for grazing.

We crossed the river and started the slog up Bob’s Ridge, warm and sticky but not too many flies made the uphill tolerable. On reaching the top, smoke from the Tom Groggin fires filtered our views to the Pilot and Victoria. A quick drink and what goes up must go down and we followed the Cascades fire trail on a weaving course down to Cascade Creek. Fresh slowing clear water and some small trout were a pleasant diversion. 300m on and we came upon Cascade Hut just off the trail to the left. Two hours walking and time for a rest.

The hut was built in the 1930’s for cattlemen and is in good condition, the surrounding area is grassy and welcoming, excepting maybe the March flies that bit through our liberal covering of Aeroguard. Internally the hut has a raised sleeping platform, open fireplace, and the usual trimmings – logbook, bucket, bow saw etc and an empty bottle of Penfold’s red! Some mountain bikers turned up having ridden hard from Dead Horse Gap in an hour- an arduous ride. The return trip took two and half hours with the climb back up Bob’s very hot and dusty. Fires ripped through the area in 2003 and while many stands of eucalypt are dead, patches are regrowing.

We got back to the car only to find the road closed below us at Thredbo due to concerns about the fire around 12kms away. Later that day we along with other guests were evacuated from Thredbo.

Overall a good introduction to the Pilot/Cascades area with a moderate level of walking, enjoyable scenery and mountain history. Brumbies frequent the area and a sighting is quite possible.

Map – The Chimneys

Cascade Hut

Cascade Hut

Cascade Hut

Cascade Hut

Thedbo River

Thredbo River down Big Boggy Plain to The Ramsheads.


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