Through the snowgums

Diamonte crystals

In their cool white splendour

pierce the sharp day

The blue expanse blankets

The white tree line

The tracks of our skis

The only sign

Of our passing

colour withdrawn
the moon takes hold
and the starry night vibrates to planes and ferries
city lights of gold and amber
dance across unknowable depths of silver
Sydney takes back its secrets

Wavelets scamper across the reef
dancing in silence under the noon sun’s passion
ever moving never moving
as pebbles and shells roll with the waves
bodies surround the watery frame
white breast bared to the first summer sun
the greybeard returns for time still remains
the seductress of Sydney has returned.

The girl with the camera
saunters on by
a hint of mischief
as she frames with her eye
Perfection required to tame the true light
sand sea and flesh mix their delight
The moment has passed
she angle arounds
and fills the frames with rest of the crowd
The girl with the camera saunters on by
a flash of delight
she leaves in my eye

Delwood Impressions

Glimpse of thigh as seduction goes by
water kissing rocky shore so near
eagle frozen on the wind as the
sun silhouettes its golden beauty
skeletal crab sculpts its dream
in wary abandonment
fish explores the other world
clouds drift on airy travels
children squeal in cool salty pleasure
adults drift in a sensual daze
time is running away


Floating, drifting
with the tide and winds whim
Body a bubble,
transparent and blue
Trailing silken web
of poison


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