Far too often seen in many regional areas (or indeed Wakehurst Parkway in Sydney’s northern beaches) is the vehicle based carnage of roo, wallaby, echidna, many birds, pesky rabbits, blue – tongues and the odd bandicoot. Some deaths are unavoidable – we all know that, many cases however involve speed and lthe lack of a simple driver awareness for time of day and the environment we travel in. Main road 92 from Nowra to Braidwood via Nerriga will prove interesting as the road widening and sealing occur and the traffic level increases. I once thought it would be a good thing with improved access to Canberra and beyond, recent large tree clearings around the sensitive and historic Bullee Gap might prove a long term negative. Watching with interest!

These images are of a bandicoot run over outside our home, I moved the body off the road and onto the grass to record, the young foetus was semi-released by the car. These marsupials gestate for 12.5 days and are carried in the pouch for 50 odd days.

For more info on bandicoots see the blogroll

Bandicoot with foetus - roadkill snow07-002.jpg


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