As good as it gets – penguins and no wind?

The autumn weather continues to spoil on weekends. As I sit and write, the courtyard is sun drenched with the only intrusion the noisy call of some wattle birds. An Eastern Spinebill has been entertaining us on a nearby New Zealand Christmas Bush. It chirps and calls while flitting in out of the flowering tree eliciting nectar from the round brush like beacons of red. Honeybees are back-lit by the afternoon sun and their activity never ceases….

With a mill pond presenting itself on the bay this morning there was no option following the morning beach walk but to throw the kayak on the roof and return to Plantation Point. The waters are unbelievably clear at present and looking into and through the water,  the visibility through the Polaroids was full of depth and nuance.

There were quite  a few other boats and paddlers on the water with a number doing Hyams to Vincentia and vica-versa. I paddled at a gentle pace while peering into the kelpy depths and rocky shoals,  sandy stretches hidden beneath the translucent green waters became the norm once past the point.

Near Blenheim Beach I became aware of a chirpy bark near me and observed a Little Penguin on the surface calling. As it dived another popped up some 50 me to the North. It too called, and the ‘chuck chuck’ barking continued on and off as the penguins surfaced in between dives. Soon, another pair surfaced a few metres away and had a quick look around before returning to the depths. The calm conditions made for an wonderfully intimate nature experience and I paddled back to the car appreciative of the fragile yet alive nature of the Bay.


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