Autumn Bliss – Paddling and Beaching

I jumped in the kayak at Plantation Point this morning and paddled out past the reef and in absolutely tranquility – clear waters, no wind and warming sun cruised past Nelsons, Blenheim, Greenfields and Chinamans beaches to Hyams Beach. This was autumn paddling as good as it gets. A real stillness  surrounded me with only the odd scattering baitfish  skipping the surface as I paddled.

A few families were snorkelling and relaxing and scuba divers were preparing to head out to the reef a hundred metres or so from shore.

It was all very civilised as I sat back with my other half and the coffee she picked up from the general store. In fact it was so nice we headed home and grabbed the snorkel gear and went to Greenfields for an hour – plenty of morwong, whiting, blackfish and annoying pin head sized algae that stung!

There was hardly anyone on the beach, this is best time of the year in the Bay!


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