Up, Up and Up a Bit More – Pigeon House

With Easter holiday madness Matt and I set off to “do Pigeon House” again and see if it was as painful as last year. I’m pleased to report it wasn’t, it was actually a good half day out. The road was crappy, lots of wash aways and corrugations – the worst I’ve seen it and surely due for a good grading.

Jumped out of a half full car park and virtually stumbled onto one of the big goannas that bask around the shelter area, saw another one close by.

Into first gear and we slogged up to the summit – around 60 minutes with a few short breaks, quite smoky due to burning off happening to the south. Being school holidays there were a few families out testing their bonds and endurance – the top was full of noisy teens hogging the small area so we dropped down a few metres to nice ledge with good views to The Castle.

A quick descent and some exploring around the eastern buttress saw us back down in an hour and into the car for a well earned return trip.

Still a south coast classic!

Goanna pigeon-house-021.jpg pigeon-house-027.jpg pigeon-house-032.jpg pigeon-house-046.jpg pigeon-house-048.jpg


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