Honeymoon Bay – Snorkelling and Access

A beautiful and inviting autumn day saw a visit to the enticing Honeymoon Bay on the northern side of Jervis Bay. This area is in the Beecroft Peninsula and is accessed from a Department of Defence access road just before the village of Currawong. When entering the area you need to go through the Defence entry station where security will take your rego details and note the number of passengers and your destination. If the area is closed to range bombing you will just have to turn around! So ring the entrance station before you go – 0244483248.

Once in the area the roads are dry and corrugated and lead to numerous beaches and Point Perpendicular lighthouse. I’ll add more detail at a further date.

Onto Honeymoon Bay –  follow the main road for a few kilometres before turning right to the signposted Honeymoon Bay. The road descends to the overflow day parking area and then into the camping and bay area proper. Day parking is available at the end of the road, try here before using the newly sealed overflow area. Camping is popular and ballots take place for school holidays and busy times. It is a case of bring your own water and everything else, though relocatable chemical toilets seem to be permanently sited now.

Honeymoon Bay itself is a little gem , a tiny opening to Jervis bay itself of 10m or so leads to a lovely round shallow bay with a sheltered beach – very hot in summer as the nor-easter misses it, blown away with a southerly!

The snorkelling outside the entrance and along the shallow ledges to the east and west is superb – some of the best in the bay from kelpy shallows to rocky ledges and dropoffs futher out.  We encountered numerous schools of Old Wives, garfish, yellowtail and small baitfish as soon as we hit the water. There are interesting soft corals displaying wonderful colour. Honeymoon Bay itself can seem quite murky at low tide and at mid-high tide you get the real deal, still green waters, narrow beach and leafy surrounds.

There are long beach stretches west of Honeymoon known as Bindijine and 4WD beach  launching is available for small craft.

Pictures below are of Honeymoon Bay and the immediate landscape.

Honeymoon Bay honeymoon-bay-130.jpg honeymoon-bay-088.jpg   


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