Little Wattlebird Nest in Poisoned Banksia – Vincentia

I was on the walkway at Collingwood Beach, Vincentia this morning and a group of recently poisoned Banksia trees could not be missed. Many leaves were still at the base of the trees and a few hanging on at the top. Many trees have been poisoned along this stretch in the last couple of years to improve the views from houses on the immediate walkway. On closer inspection I observed a small nest with two young chicks craning skyward, as their parent a Little Wattlebird returned. With an incubation period of around 16 -20 days and these chicks feathered yet nest bound, it would seem that the nest was built when the trees were still offering shelter and protection. Now with just the skeletal remains of the trees left it must be arduous task for survival due to the extreme weather exposure, I wonder if they will make it?

Little Wattle Nest Little Wattle Bird Nest bird-027.jpg

Little Wattlebird chicks and poisoned Banksia – Collingwood Beach, Vincentia


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