Changing moods

Like many places on the coast conditioned to daylight saving the Bay has just slipped from the last tendrils of summer. The days are stiller and cooler, the feeling in the trees has changed – a thoughtful peace as the nor-easter’s depart. Quiet lighter mornings, earlier sun sets, yet still the effervescence of noisy rosellas and lorikeets attacking our senses. It’s also spider month with many leaf curl spiders stringing webs across the open spaces of the built environment.  Passing Greenfield’s Beach on a run late yesterday, I observed an empty sandy beach, a moderate  swell (for the bay) and a lone white-bellied sea eagle patrolling high above. The bared flesh of the escaping beach goer long removed to the morning train and office meeting. Driftwood, weed and curious gulls all that remain. Of course I may be delusional as Easter is around the corner and stifling heat and unleashed visitors may soon be upon us, savouring the last hurrah of  warm rays and traffic light free bliss!


One Response to “Changing moods”

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