Murrays Beach Snorkelling

We spent yesterday morning at Murrays, the most eastern of Jervis Bay’s beaches. One of my favourite snorkelling sites is the western end of Murrays – easy access and great fishlife, ledges and small caves within 30m of shore. Visibility is hit and miss and it pays to be there in the mornings before the dreaded nor-easter appears. Having said that it is one of most beautiful beaches in the area and the tall eucalypt forest comes dowm to the water’s edge in a very tropical fashion. The water was warm – 20-21 deg on top but cooled rapidly a metre or two down. Some great marine life including schools of trevally, blackfish, and whiting within a metre or so of the shore. The highlights were a huge 1m plus blue groper – a big fella, many juveniles and smaller females around as well and something I’ve never seen in the bay while snorkelling – a good sized green turtle with many barnacles on the shell, I followed it for a few minutes as it swam above the kelp and sandy bottom. Very special indeed!


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